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Our Story

We are a family owned business run by enthusiastic animal lovers who recognized the need for a facility such as ours in the community. We wanted to offer a safe space for dogs where they can be free to play, learn and socialize. We encourage our clients to step back, and put themselves in their dog’s paw so that they can understand them better by being more aware of certain social cues, dietary reactions and behavioural issues.

We have been in the dog industry for over 5 years and have educated ourselves by working with world renowned trainers where we have gained valuable insight and are eager to pass it on.

Our Facility

Our facility was created with our furry guests in mind. Rubber flooring was installed throughout the majority of our 4000 square foot facility to allow for safe play on a cushioned surface. Each gate has a secure auto-lock to ensure that groups remain safely separated.

Our staff has access to 24/7 surveillance of all areas of the facility. Each suite has its own bed, water bowl and toy. To further ensure your pet’s safety, guest must be buzzed in to the facility. Three spacious play areas to allow for groupings of pets depending on their size, play styles, temperament and age. Designated feeding areas where your pet can dine in peace.

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    Our friendly staff is available at our facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to reach out with any quesrtions or concerns via email or phone at any time!

    Call: 647-825-2515